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So much has changed since I began blogging a gazillion years ago. My blog started as a goofy writing outlet – a friend had told me that my emails were hilarious and that I should start a blog. So I did. People actually started reading it and suddenly I was a Mommy Blogger and writing reviews, speaking at blog conferences and consulting with brands and small businesses on how to use social media. In a very short period of time my blog became my resume or a springboard of sorts, a way for me to get back into the working world and be taken seriously after staying home with my kids for 10 years. I’ve made wonderful connections with very talented men and women all over the country and have been a part of some amazing teams doing some pretty cool stuff.

I started out in life as a violinist. I have a BM and MM in Violin Performance, I even graduated from Interlochen Arts Academy (high school – think FAME minus the wild dancing on cars in the streets of NYC),  but the life of a starving artist working a schedule completely opposite to my engineering husband wasn’t for me, especially once I became a mom. Despite the fact that I hope none of my children are ever compelled to throw themselves into any arts related profession, music and art are a required part of their education and we are a family who supports and advocates for the arts and arts education. I believe with every fibre of my being that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn and enjoy a life enriched by the arts. I still practice, play and perform but my talents as a marketer of the arts bring much more joy to me and those around me.

I am also a very big advocate for the summer camp experience for children and work with New England Music Camp in Sidney, Maine, where I spent all of my summers from the time I was 12. Every kid deserves the chance to get away from their parents and spread their wings in a safe and carefully designed environment. There is no bigger gift and nothing that will help a child become more confident and independent than at least a week away from home at an overnight summer camp. Choose your camp wisely, but do it, I promise you will survive.


This is what my blogger bio usually reads as….

Fiona Bryan blogs about social media and all things “banter-worthy” at Banteringblonde.com, she can be found on Twitter @banteringblonde. As a freelance writer, speaker and digital media consultant specializing in small business and fine arts marketing, in Los Angeles, California, Fiona has had the opportunity to bridge her experience in marketing and PR with her passion for all things social media.  She has participated as a social media panelist for several organizations including CNN, Red Robin, and Earth Footwear who featured her in the print magazines, Weight Watchers, Lucky, and More. She is proud of her work with brands such as Macy’s, SkincareRX.com, BornFit, Unilever, American Camp Association, and the Los Angeles Opera.

*The opinions and views expressed on this blog are my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of the organizations I am employed by or associated with.